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"Specialising in Underwater Photography"


I am committed to ensuring my information is accessible to as many people as possible, which is why this website has been developed to internet accessibility standards.

Alternative text

All visual components (for example images) are summarised by alternative descriptive text. This is especially useful for screen readers.

Links make sense out of context

Every link is designed to make sense if the link text is read in isolation, since screen readers may choose to read only the links on a web page. Problematical phrases like "click here" and "more" are avoided.

Keyboard access to text and image links

Access keys have been provided which allow the visitor to to skip directly past navigation to the page content and to visit the sites' main navigational areas. This allows a user without a pointing device to comprehensively traverse the site.

Clarity of pages

Pages have been compartmentalised into contextual sections with appropriate headings and sub headings. Navigation elements have been distinctly delineated from the main body text content. This helps ensure that Assistive Technology software can render that page with a structure that aids navigation and comprehension.

Forms and form submission

This website has a contact area that requires data input from the visitor. Keyboard access is provided to forms by using the tab key to navigate.

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